Please know that you must meet the following requirements to join TrainMon5

  1. You must be an registered member of the ATCSMonitor Groups.io Community (formerly ATCSMonitor Yahoo Group). There is a step the registration process that will require you to have access to the ATCSMonitor Groups.io Community in order to fully complete your registration application.
  2. You must not already have an existing TrainMon5 account or have had an account that has been previously terminated by TrainMon5.
  3. Members of the Facebook group for ATCSMonitor are not eligible for registration.
  4. You may only use TrainMon5 for hobby purposes. Use in safety-sensitive activities such as Fire, EMS, Police, Railroad Operations, etc. are explicitly forbidden! Please see the "Terms for Service" section titled "Personal Use" for more information on this restriction.
If you meet the above requirements you may continue to register by clicking the "Continue to Sign Up" button below:

Application approval is not automatic. Each application must be reviewed by an administrator before approval.
Specifying any false information or forging any information will lead to automatic termination of an account.


First, visit this link (→ TrainMon5 Sign-Ups Table ←) and use the green "+ Add Row" button (not the "+ Edit Table Properties" button) to add to the table your last name and the email address you wish to use for your TrainMon5 account. This is how TrainMon5 verifies that you are a member of the ATCSMonitor Groups.io Community. After you have completed the above action, return here and fill in the rest of the application below in Step 2.

If you can't access the link to add your info, please do not continue to submit an application or it will automatically be rejected upon review.

Usernames must be at least 4 characters long, cannot be an email address and cannot contain an "@" symbol. Usernames are subject to review by TrainMon5 administrators. All fields denoted by an asterisk (*) are required.
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The "About You" section should not contain any offensive material. Also it should be descriptive but do not include any details that you don't want public as it may be viewable by the TrainMon5 community. Applicants who do not take a true effort to fill in this section will have their application denied.
You must be 13 years of age or older to register. Persons younger than 13 years of age should have a legal gaurdian register for them using their information.
I certify that I am at least 13 years of age and have read the requirements for registration entirely and provided all information listed above truthfully and in good faith and agree to the Privacy and Terms of Service policies of TrainMon5.

By registering for this service you agree to be bound by the Terms of Service(s) and the Privacy Policy.